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Income From Salary means income received by an individual for services he is rendering under the employment. There must be an Employer and employee relationship between the person who is making the payment and the person who is receiving the payment.

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Business Income means income of self-employed, freelancers or small business in the nature of trade, commerce or manufacture or rendering of services. In this, person is owner of his/her business.

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The income arising out of a house property in the form of a rental income. Any property such as house, building, office, warehouse is treated as 'house property'.

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Income from Share Market in form of profit or loss through trades of shares, mutual fund, debentures, bond, derivatives, currency, and commodities.

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Income from capital gain means any profit or gain that arises from the sale of a 'capital asset' such as house property, land, shop, investment in shares, etc.

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Non Resident Indian (NRI) is an indian Citizen Who resides in India for less than 182 days during the previous finanical year. if you reside and work abroad have income like salary. Capital gains earned on the transfer of assets Rental Income, Interest form Fixed Deposits or Savings Accounts, etc.

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Income from other source include interest Received from Fixed Deposits, Dividends Received, Family Pension, Saving Bank Account interest earned, interest received on securities.

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